Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Frame

I saw this super cute St. Patrick's Day frame here at Inspiring Creations. It is SOO cute! I wanted to make on too, but I don' have a Shamrock punch and didn't want to go buy one. (I actually used to have one, but gave it away!) But that's okay. I made a spring one instead. I had the same 1 dollar frame from Michaels, covered it with paper using Mod Podge, and made my own spring blossom tree. Add some chipboard letters and a ribbon and it's done! I still think the St. Patty's one is cuter, but oh well! My little blossom tree is cute too!

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  1. Adorable, what a great decoration!

  2. I really like the frame! Great job and super cute idea for spring. I have a bunch of these frames from have inspired me!

  3. I didn't buy the shamrock punch either, just cut off shamrocks from the garland from your topiary tutorial and used them, painted a few of them to be another color, but it worked. You can see it here:

    Your bloom spring one looks great. thanks for the ideas from your blog.


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