Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New room-with a little help from my friends

This past weekend, I finally got around to painting my bedroom. I've been wanting to do it for awhile now, so it feels so good to finally have it done! Here are some before and afters.

Here is a before before shot of my room over a year ago...

Then the awful flower bedspread (one of those what was I thinking? purchases) REALLY started to annoy me, so I flipped it over until I found a new one that I liked.

We also got a new bed, and got rid of the little shelves for nightstands and got bookshelves instead. (I love to read in bed at night, so bookshelves work the best for me!)
Here is the next before... :)

So, after returning to the store to re-tint my paint color after discovering the original color I chose was too light, and three coats later (which we were still able to knock off in a night thanks to some help from my friends. Thanks guys!!) I have a new light, bright, and airy bedroom!

I love it! It is a little crazy how happy this room makes me, but I seriously love it!

The curtains are made from sheets again.

The pillows are made from napkins.

The wall color is called Romantic Overcast, very appropriate for a bedroom, right!

I love this little gallery wall. All wedding and engagement pictures, with some little canvas squares covered with paper thrown in there.

I'm a little strict with my bedroom. I will let my kids crawl in bed with us occasionally, but they aren't allowed to play in there. They pretty much have every other room in the house, I need one just for me! :)

I still have some plans for some more art work and to paint some furniture, but I am so happy with my new room!