Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cedar chest redo

So, even though I haven't been posting them, I actually have been busy with several projects lately. Like painting my boys bedroom. No pics of that, because it isn't done yet. But the whole painting thing kind of snowballed and I started painting lots of other things. Like my cedar chest. I have been wanting to paint it for awhile, but have hesitated for sentimental reasons since it was my high school graduation gift from my parents.

Here is what it used to look like...
But my decorating style has changed since I was 18, and good thing too, otherwise my house would be decorated with posters of Leonardo DiCaprio and random quotes that I got from church. Anyway, I was over the big frilly heart. At first I was going to play it safe and just paint it black. Then at the last minute I decided to get a little brave...
LOVE IT! It's like I have a little sunshine in my room.
I'm still trying to decide if I should distress it or not. What do you think...distress or not distress?

PS Mom, I hope you aren't mad at me! :)