Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Floors

About a month ago we (as in my husband!) completed a pretty major home improvement. One that we have been saying we were going to do pretty much from the first day we moved into our home (almost 6 years ago!!)

I was leaving for 2 weeks to visit my family, and this is what I left...

Well, I didn't leave that cute baby, but I did leave that pretty awesome guy, an empty front room, and some nasty carpet behind.

This is what I came home to...

LOVE IT!! For one thing I now have hard floor under my table. Whoever thought of putting carpet under a dining room table must have not had children!

I am also so grateful that I didn't have to live in a torn apart house for 2 weeks! The couch was in the kitchen for heaven sake! Can you imagine being in that everyday, with 3 kids! So major praise to my husband for working hard all day at work, then coming home and working hard late into the night at home. Yup, he's pretty awesome!

And to show off some of his skills, let me just show you the kinds of cuts he had to make around our fireplace...
Pretty impressive!

This really is just starting a chain reaction of more projects that I want to do. Like redecorate my dining room, paint my hutch and table, and get new couches in the family room, which means that we need to re-carpet the basement before we can move the old couches down there...which means we have to paint the ugly wood paneling walls down there first. All of which I am very excited to do...we'll see how long it takes us though! I mean the wood floor was 6 years in the making! But very worth it!