Monday, April 19, 2010

Creating Keepsakes Convention

So I am FINALLY finding time to blog about an actual craft, instead of just excuses of why I haven't been able to blog!

I mentioned awhile ago that I went to a Creating Keepsakes Convention with my mother-in-law a week or two ago. It was so fun! The classes were great and gave me tons of new ideas for my scrapbooks and motivation to get caught up on them! I came home with tons of layouts that just need pictures added to them. It was kind of weird for me to make a layout with a specific picture in mind, but most of the layouts I did would work for pictures I have waiting to be scrapbooked. They also move SUPER fast in each class, since they are trying to pack so much in that most of the layouts I had to finish at home. So here are a few that I have gotten done.

I love the colors of this layout and I learned a cool ripping technique. Here is a close up of it...

Notice how the edges are ripped. To do this you need a piece of double-sided patterned paper and then cut it down to a 10x10 square. Then just randomly rip pieces off the edges, rough the torn areas up with your finger nail and roll the rips down. Then take the 2 inch scraps from when you cut your original patterned paper down to 10 inches and cut little strips just big enough to adhere to the back of the paper, so the opposite pattern is showing in the front, behind the rip. I hope that makes sense! I couldn't take pictures since we did this in class and were moving at a break-neck pace! I think it looks so cool though! I also love the pocket we made. For that one, all you do is cut a rectangle out of patterned paper, rip a v shape into it, punch holes along each side of the rip and then sew it back up with a ribbon.

I also took a class on using over sized mats that was cool. It is an easy way to bring your page together. I like the ribbon embellishment on this one. All you do it fold 3 inch pieces of ribbon and adhere it to a circle.

Here is another layout using 2 over sized mats.

This class was one of my favorites. It was called misting and masking. And as you guess from the title we used masks on paper, them sprayed them with mist inks, removed the masks and got this...

This is another layout that I did in the same class as the ripping layout...

I love the group of pockets that you can see on the far right of the layout. I will show how I did that for another project I will be posting soon.

But I will show you how I made this little heart.

First take two strips of paper like this...

Adhere them together at the bottom. Then cut off the excess edges to make your point at the bottom, like this...

Then use a corner rounder at the top to finish your heart.

And you're done! I added a few fake stitches with a pen over the line where the papers overlap and inked the edges.

I still have about 20 more layouts to get done from the convention. Maybe that will get me caught up...

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