Sunday, April 17, 2011

Disney Crafts

My sister was here visiting this past week. So we had some craft time. My family is full of Disney lovers, so naturally we decided on some Disney inspired crafts!

I already had this saying up in my house, and my sister wanted one too. She is a 2nd grade teacher. I think this is a very fitting quote for a teacher!

Love this one! For those of you that aren't Disney fanatics like we are, this is from the ride Slash Mountain. We wanted it to look woodsy like Brer Rabbit and the ride. :)

I also love this one. What a great welcome sign. This is from the opening speech Walt Disney made the day Disneyland opened.

It was so fun having a crafting buddy! And I think I got her hooked on a Silhouette. She started looking at them after playing around with mine. They are pretty awesome!


  1. They look awesome! You and your sis are incredible! I want to do craft time with you!

  2. I love all of them - especially the laughing place one! I can't wait for my trip!!!

  3. That last comment was actually from Kim :)

  4. LOVE them all!! I need some for my house!

  5. Love your laughing place sign. So sweet.


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