Friday, February 5, 2010

Almost done, and I lied.

Well, my craft room is almost done. I just have a few finishing touches before I want to reveal it to you. It started snowing here this afternoon, so that meant that school got dismissed early. Yay for the snow! It is still strange to me that school gets closed for any amount of snow, but my Kindgergartener wasn't complaining! But since he got home early instead of getting everything put together I spent the afternoon playing games, referring the two boys and making sleeping bags for stuffed animals at the request of my youngest. So, one more day and I will be done with the room. I am thrilled with it! It's amazing how much a coat of paint can change a room.

Anyway, so I lied. I said I was done with Valentine's stuff, but I found to things I want to make. I haven't done it yet, but check them out, they are way cute.

I found this cute doily banner at
Blue Cricket Design.

And while I was there, she was featuring Lindsey from Inspiring Creations and while I was checking out her site, I found this! So cute! Here is the tutorial for this heart tree.

So stay tuned tomorrow for my craft room reveal!


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