Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My life, right this minute

You can tell this week is much less crazy that last week, two posts in a row! I thought I would show you a glimpse at my life, so you can get to know me a little better. Now this is a for real look at me and my house, no cleaning or special prep for this.

So here is what I look like, right this minute.

And here is what my kids are doing, right this minute. Well, one is at school, so I obviously don't have his picture, but here is my younger son.

Yes, my four year old is awesome and still takes naps. Something his older brother stopped doing when he was almost 3. Fingers crossed that this continues!

And here is my sink, right this minute...

Ummm, not to bad actually, but if you noticed in my self portrait, the lunch dishes are still on the table. And here's a confession. Those pots have been there since Sunday, and will probably stay there until tomorrow, when my husband does not have class, so he is home at night and always does the dishes for me.

And a look at my bed, right this minute...

I can't take the credit for the bed being made. My husband makes it every morning, unless I am still in it. I can take credit for the piles of stuff on it though! :)

And here is what I am reading right now...

Jane Eyre. It's this months book group read.

And here is what is on my TV, right this minute...

The Winter Olympics. I love when they are on and always am sad when they are over.

But I am planning on parking myself in front of the TV every night and enjoying them. I have lots of projects to work on while I watch, so stay tuned!


  1. I love watching the Olympics, too, and I always feel a little sad when they are over because I know it will be another four years before they are on again! Figure skating is the best!

  2. LOL MY DH is same way, he will make it up if Im out of it lol, But man I can pile things on it during the day lol


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