Saturday, February 27, 2010

Picture Frame from a board

So, this week started out not being to busy, but ended up being insane. Most days I wasn't home all day, my kids didn't get to bed on time all week, and I didn't get to any of my projects. But I don't want to neglect this blog anymore that I already have this week! So, I am going to post about something I created for a craft day with my church a few months ago.

They are easy, cute, and make great gifts! Here is one example...

Since I made these awhile ago, I don't have any pictures of the process, but it is pretty simple.

This supplies that you will need are:
a drill
clear craft plastic
clear photo corners
Rub-on words or vinyl lettering
a 1x8 board cut down to 10", or an 8x10 wood plaque that you can get at most craft stores.

Here is the craft plastic you will need. I got mine at Michael's. I used it for about 60 frames and still have some left.

Here is a frame I made using a wood plaque from Michael's.

So here is what you do. If you don't get a plaque you need to go to Home Depot and have them cut a 1x8 into 10 inch boards. (You can get 7 frames out of a 6 foot board for the same price as a pre--cut one at Michael's.) Then drill your holes. Mine are about an inch in from the side and 1.5 inches from the top and bottom. I used the biggest drill bit in my husbands bit set...I think it was 3/8th's. You can either make the frame vertical or horizontal, depending on your picture. Now sand everything down and paint it your desired color. When it is dry sand edges for a distressed look if desired. Cut the clear craft plastic to the size of picture you plan on using. I have done some with 5x7s and some with 4x6. Layer your photo under the plastic and put a clear photo corner on each corner and place it on your board wherever you think it looks best! Be sure to leave space for your lettering though! Now for the lettering. I have made some with vinyl lettering, but the ones we did on a craft day were all using rub-ons used for scrapbooking. The green frame just above is using rub-ons. Both work great. Just follow the directions on the package for application. And finally put your ribbon on and tie your bow. Make sure there is no wet paint in the hole you are threading the ribbon through, or you will end up with a paint streaked ribbon! If you don't want to use ribbon it would also look cute with twine or a strip of fabric.

Since they are so easy to make, I think they are a bit addicting. I have 6 of these in my house right now. They look cute propped up on shelves or sitting in easels. If you want to want them on the wall you could just attach some picture hanging hardware on the back.

Here are some more with my cute kids...

I have some projects I hope to get finished next week involving some lamps. Hopefully I can get to them! Happy crafting everyone!


  1. that would be a wonderful new baby gift!

  2. Very cute... I love the "cherish" one! Great, cheap idea!

  3. I am visiting from TGC blog! I love this idea! Even the blocks are such a good idea! I think that will be my next craft!


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