Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gifts for your sweetheart

The past few days have been crazy, snow days, church responsibilities, birthday parties, and getting rear ended and dealing with all that fun. But I did manage to get my Valentine's present for my husband finished. I think Valentine's is an awesome holiday. It may be somewhat cheesy and thought up by the greeting card, candy, and flower industry, but a holiday all about telling people you love them is a good reason to celebrate. So here is what I made for my sweetheart this year. He is banned from reading this until after Valentine's!

I got this 3 slot frame from Wal*Mart for $3. Then I just opened a text box, sized it to the right size and just started typing the many reasons why I love my husband, silly reason and more meaningful reasons. I wanted it to look masculine so all I added to is was a few buttons on the side.

I've seen on several blogs Valentine's made with these sort of bottle, but the bottles had been emptied then filled with candy, They are very cute, but I know my husband and he would rather have the cream soda! So I made a label for the front, and attached tags to each bottle.

I wrote coupons on each tag.

Nothing big, but just little things to show him how much I love him.

And here is a quick peek at a tutorial I'll be posting soon.

Plus, my son's birthday is tomorrow, and I made the cutest cupcakes for him that I will show you too!


  1. what fabulous ideas!
    i love the frame and my hubby would love the soda too!

  2. love the frame!
    maybe half candy and half soda for my husband

  3. Great Ideas!! Thanks for sharing. Love them both!

  4. Thanks for giving me some great ideas and inspiration!!


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