Saturday, February 6, 2010

Craft Room Revealed!

First here is a before shot of my craft room...

My five year old kept trying to sneak into the picture. I take so many pictures of my kids that he isn't used to not being the one in the picture!

So here it is! Hopefully you won't be disappointed! I'm not. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

So here is the tour...

When you first walk in you see a book shelf and my chair...

This chair is one of my favorite Goodwill finds, only 30 bucks! I love the quilt too, still isn't finished, but still cute.

So, when I say the room is finished, it isn't all the way finished. I have a project in store for this bookshelf. And as soon as what I need goes on sale at Hobby Lobby I'll show you what I've done!

Then there is my desk.

Some of my favorite things on the desk at the cute flower pots I painted and embellished with ribbon, paper flowers and tags. And I added a shelf just above the desk. I already had the shelf sitting in my basement. I love the ribbon holder. That is just a tension curtain rod that I slipped all my spools on to. And since I don't have a TV in there, I use our portable DVD player in there to watch chick flicks or DVD's of my favorite show, The Office.

Next is I have my sewing machine, stamps, and paint. I keep my stamps in a microwave cart that I got at a garage sale for like 10 bucks. It works perfectly. I keep my sewing machine on a school desk that I got from a friend that is a teacher for free. Can't beat that.

I love this shelf! I got the letters at Hobby Lobby and just Mod Podged scrapbook paper on. Love that paper too.

Even my vintage sewing machine looks better in here now! I got this from my Mom when she got her new fancy one. It's one of those "They don't make them like this anymore," things. It is SOLID. It doesn't do anything fancy, but then neither do I when it comes to sewing! But it does all I need!

So there it is! My new and improved craft room. I really didn't change much other than a coat of paint and adding a new shelf. I love that it all goes together now! I just need to ignore that the carpet is still blue! But that isn't going to be changed anytime soon!

So $13 for a gallon of paint (its from Wal*Mart actually and its called Gaucho.) and everything I already had looks way cuter! Can't wait to start making more stuff to show you guys! I just know this room will inspire me even more than before!


  1. Wow, it looks great!! What an awesome space to create!

  2. Oh I love it! The CREATE letters go perfectly in there, the sewing machine is gorgeous, and I love how you have a little sewing area separate from the work table - good planning, and it is so colorful and inspiring!

  3. I love hte color of the sewing machine! Great room. Makes me miss mine. :)


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